Mgr. art. Marián Králik, Art. D.

Born in Poprad, working in Bratislava, Slovakia. Graduate and a pedagogue at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Faculty of Architecture, Institute of Design.

Diagnosed by pedagogues as bizarre, due to the absence of mind during endless drawing from the early age. At the university, influenced by brilliant draftsman, academic painter Milan Lehmden and by design professor Peter Paliatka. Their altruism changed inner understanding of pedagogy , getting ever deeper under the skin.

Current period of 'Post drawing age, is characterized by today’s departure from sincere, exact drawing, while, on the contrary, Králik brings back the absenting mastery of anatomy. What follows is the transformation of universal knowledge into interdisciplinary overlaps of visual expressions.


Sculptures, paintings, drawing, art design, sacral art, light objects, art festivals

Exhibitions: Slovakia/ Bratislava, Trnava, Poprad, Košice. Romania / Iasi, Bucharest. Austria / Vienna. Germany / Frankfurt on Mohan. Poland / Lutz. Scotland / Edinburgh. Belgium / Essen. Italy / Milano. Lithuania / Mariampol. Czech republic / Brno.



Milano Designersblock, via Dante, design / sculptures exhibition


Courtyard of Slovak Ministry of Culture / Bratislava / collective exhibition


Metal Inspirations, STM Košice, Incheba / Bratislava, expo / Frankfurt over Mohan / workshop and exhibitions


Welded creations and welded creatures / Franciscan chapel / Bratislava / solo exhibition

Metal Inspirations / STM Košice / Incheba Bratislava / workshop and exhibitions

Ján Koniarek Gallery / Trnava / collective exhibition


Metal Inspirations / STM Košice / Incheba Bratislava, International Engineer Expo / Brno / workshop and collective exhibitions

XX years of design at the Faculty of Architecture STU / Bratislava / collective exhibition

Primate’s Palace / Bratislava / collective exhibition


Parliamentary Palace / Bucharest / Iasi / collective exhibitions

Metal Inspirations / STM Košice / Incheba Bratislava / workshop, collective exhibition

Tatra's gallery / Poprad / collective exhibition

Pisztory's Palace / Bratislava / collective exhibition

Corporart sculptures / US Steel Košice


Worldwide Expo Light + Building / Frankfurt over Mohan / sculptures and lights


Ferona Awards Slovakia / Nitra / steel design

Soho im Ottakring / Vienna art festival / paintings and sculpture installation

Kultureaxe gallery / Vienna / exhibition of nude drawings

Design Festival / Lodz / collective exhibition / installations, objects

Puzzle 4 Peace / Mirbach’s Palace / Bratislava / collective exhibition

Essen / altar, sacral painting

King’s Hall Church / Edinburgh / art festival / performance painting

Mariampol / Bishop’s residence / sacral sculpture